Media Center

The Media Center is the heart of our school. Students use the Media Center to check out textbooks, use the computers, and, of course, borrow books for the enjoyment of reading. Faculty and staff use the media as a resource for classroom materials, a computer lab and for professional development. Also, the Media Center houses the teacher work area, which includes a poster maker printer, an Ellison Lettering Machine, display board tools, and videos. 

Media Center Clerk- Ms. Patel


The Media Center’s hours are 9 a.m. until the end of the school day. At 9 a.m. students are welcome to visit the Media Center to check out books, research, work on homework, or play the educational games on the homepage of Destiny, the library catalog for OCPS. During the school day, students may visit the media center when their class is scheduled by a teacher, when they request a pass from a teacher after their work is done or when they ask an administrator for a pass after they have eaten their lunch. 


Students are expected to:

Ø Respect others by working quietly.

Ø Present their Student ID for check-out.

Ø Check out up to 3 items

  • Take good care of the material they’ve borrowed
  • Return books after 3 weeks
  • Return magazines after 3 days
  • Return overdue materials immediately.
  • Keep their textbooks at home until the last weeks of school when they are told to bring them in
  • Pay for lost materials


Destiny ( ) is the media management system used to search for books and materials at Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) including Gotha Middle. Students can hunt for materials at home or at school by searching by keyword, title, author, subject, or series search. The call number which is located by the title describes the location of the book in our Media Center. The homepage of Gotha’s Destiny Catalog provides links to reference websites, search tools, websites about books and authors, educational game websites, internet safety websites and an array of other useful websites.


There is no charge for students to print their homework, projects, etc. in black and white from the computers.


Photocopies are available for $.15. This machine is provided by an outside vendor, therefore, no free copies.


Pencils and paper are available from a vending machine. 


Students are responsible for the textbooks that checked out to them. Fines will be issued for damaged textbooks per the severity. The student will be assessed $1.00 for damaged barcodes. If the book is not usable the student will be assessed the replacement value of the textbook. A student who has misplaced his textbook is responsible monetarily for the loss of the textbook. The barcode on the front of the textbook is unique and it must be recognizable at the time of return. If NO BARCODE IS VISIBLE, the student will be assessed the replacement value of the textbook.

Students SHOULD NOT leave assigned textbooks in classrooms and will be held responsible for the replacement value of the textbook if it is lost even if the teacher allows them to leave the book. Students will NOT be held accountable for the loss of textbooks beyond their control such as a house fire, a car accident, etc. However, they must provide a note signed by the parent explaining what has happened as proof of the event.


Obligations will remain on the student’s record and will follow the student from school to school. Students are required to pay for all their obligations before they graduate. Refunds will be provided through June 30th with receipts. Students owing library books, textbooks or fines to their previous school(s) may return them to the Gotha Middle Media Center which will forward them to the appropriate school.