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Gotha Update - Week of 5/16/2022

Monica Emery

Hello, Gotha families!   

I hope everyone enjoyed a GREAT weekend.  I know we are all excited that Summer Break is approaching.  We had a WONDERFUL week last week and with the exception of make-up testing, we are finished with state testing!  The kids did great.  I was so proud of everyone.  This week we have Common Final Exams in some subjects.  Again, I know that testing and extended periods can cause students stress and anxiety.  If your student does NOT have a CFE and you would like to keep them home or pick them up early, please just let us know.  The bell and testing schedule for Monday - Thursday can be found below.  

With the end of the year approaching and the weather getting warmer, I wanted to remind everyone of the dress code guidelines.  Clothes shall be worn as they are designed. For example, pants must be secured at the waist, belts need to be buckled, no underwear as outerwear, and no underwear should be exposed.  Clothing must cover the body from one armpit across to the other armpit and down to approximately mid-thigh.  Tops must have straps. Undergarments must not be viewable. Rips, holes, or tears in clothing must be below mid-thigh.  A general rule of thumb for this is that these rips, holes or tears must be below the fingertips when arms are by your side.  

As a reminder, the OCPS Code of Student Conduct can be found in its entirety here.    Dress code requirements can be found there.  We are also making announcements, and would like you to reiterate at home, that even behaviors some students attempt to explain away as playing or joking will be met with consequences.   

  • Harassment - students must understand that what they may think is funny may be offensive to others.  Harassment could include, but is not limited to, unpleasant distasteful comments, jokes, or gestures.
  • Horseplay is any rough uncontrolled play or prank that involves two or more students and there is risk of injury as a result of the horseplay.  We need to make sure students are keeping their hands to themselves.  Horseplay that involves contact is a L3 infraction and students will be suspended - even when both students admit they were “playing.”

Because of our generous community and the efforts of two of our parents, Dena Reyes and Karissa Martin, our One Book, One School, One Summer program is back!  Our rising 7th and 8th graders will receive the book Schooled by Gordon Korman.  Follow us on Facebook this summer to hear our Gotha staff members’ thoughts about the book and tag us in pictures of your Gotha student reading!  Students will have activities in their Language Arts courses when we return in August and information about a Family Literacy Night to celebrate our summer readers will be sent out at a later date.  There will also be summer reading competitions through Beanstack, which all students have access to on Launchpad.

Student laptops will be collected prior to summer break this year.  Device collection will begin this week.  All students can voluntarily turn in their devices once their CFEs are completed.  Any 8th grader who has not already turned in their device will turn theirs in on Friday 5/20.  Students will need to turn in their laptop and charger.  All stickers need to be removed from the devices.  

Please note that drop off time is no earlier than 9:00AM and pick up is at 4:00PM.  We have had a large number of students hanging out after school.  All students should leave campus NO LATER than 4:20PM.  If you are unable to pick your student up prior to 4:20, please enroll them in the YMCA After School Zone where they can be supervised.  There is no supervision outside of the school before 9:00 AM or after 4:20 PM.

If you already attend the YMCA ASZ, please note that it will be closed the last three days of school, May 23-25.  


Monday 5/16-     NJHS Induction 6:00PM       

Tuesday 5/17-    

Wednesday 5/18 -      Gotha Spirit Day! 

                                   8th Grade Virtual Awards Ceremony (sent out @ 5:00PM)

Thursday 5/19 -    

Friday 5/20 -         ALOHA Friday!! LAST FRIDAY until Summer Break!  

                             2022 LipDub!  10:30AM

                             Straight A Celebration 2:00PM (straight As quarters 1-3)


If you don’t already, consider following the school on Facebook.  It’s a great way for you to see what’s going on during the school day and in extra-curricular activities with our students!

As always, be safe, be kind, and remember - It’s a GREAT day to be a grizzly.

Monica Emery




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