The Mathematics Curriculum of Orange County Public Schools provides a comprehensive and coherent set of goals for mathematics for all students. It is based upon the Florida Standards Assessment/Florida Mathematics Content Standards and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Principles and Standards.

It is what we expect each student to know and be able to do. It is our belief that ALL children can learn mathematics, and they deserve the opportunity to do so. The Orange County Mathematics Team will work to support schools in their efforts to provide rich, rigorous mathematics instruction to all students and ensure that all students throughout our diverse district have equal access to a quality education.

Math Course Progression 

6th                                                              7th                                                                8th

Reg 6th Math                                        Reg 7th Math                                          Intensive Math
Adv 6th Math                                        PreAlgebra                                              PreAlgebra
Adv 7th Math                                        Algebra I                                                   Algebra I
PreAlgebra                                                                                                                   Geometry

Calculus Project

   Calculus Project

The Calculus Project is a cohort of students that begin Algebra I in 7th grade and work together throughout middle and high school to work toward taking Calculus in high school. Students are invited into the program and have to come to a summer enrichment program each summer from 6th grade through Calculus. Students also have targeted tutoring 3 times a week. In Algebra I the class is blocked (1 90 minutes class) and in Geometry the class is a regular 47 minute period. 

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