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August 11, 2021 (Tryouts)
August 25th vs Chain of Lakes (Away)
August 30th vs Southwest (Home)
September 1st vs Water Spring (Home)
September 8th vs Horizon West (Home)
September 13th vs Bridgewater (Away)
September 15th vs Sun Ridge (Away)
September 20th vs Windy Ridge (Home)


October 11, 2021 (Tryouts)
October 27th vs Chain of Lakes (Away)
November 1st vs Southwest (Home)
November 3rd vs Water Spring (Home)
November 8th vs Horizon West (Home)
November 10th vs Bridgewater (Away)
November 15th vs Sun Ridge (Away)
November 17th vs Windy Ridge (Home)


January 5, 2022 (Tryouts)
January 19th vs Chain of Lakes (Away)
January 24th vs Southwest (Home)
January 26th vs Water Spring (Home)
January 31st vs Horizon West (Home)
February 2nd vs Bridgewater (Away)
February 7th vs Sun Ridge (Away)
February 9th vs Windy Ridge (Home)


March 22, 2022 (Tryouts)
April 6 vs Southwest/Horizon West @ (TBD)
April 13vs Windy Ridge/Bridgewater @ (TBD)
April 20 vs Chain of Lakes @ (Chain of Lakes)
April 25-29 Cluster Championship @ TBD

May T.B.D- County Tournament


        Any other questions or concerns please contact the Athletic Office.


        Gotha Middle School             407-521-2360


        Athletic Director                     Mrs. Davis                 [email protected]